Solar power plant in Bulgaria

Solar power plant in Bulgaria


"Energy Flow" is the brand we use for our PV systems. "Energy Flow" is owned by the company Energy Flow GmbH

Energy Flow GmbH is German company that builds ground and roof solar PV systems. The firm has extensive experience working with reliable suppliers and it has installed numerous high-efficient systems, achieving 97% customers’ satisfaction. The company keeps this standard by implementing innovations, working in close cooperation with other leading companies.
The company is specialized in the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, in particular in the construction of photovoltaic ground and roof systems:
1. Network connected in generating mode.
2. Parallel connected to the network only for own needs with automated control
3. ISLAND version – completely autonomous, without any network provider
We offer complete solutions for design and structure of these systems. We are major supplier of equipment to organizations in public and private industry.
If you are planning to do something good for your income and the environment, the team of Energy Flow GmbH would like to inform you that we design and install customized systems. They can be requested by you and installed by our specialists. Building PV system guarantees full return on investment and profits for next twenty years.
"Energy Flow GmbH" has the resources needed to produce clean, sustainable energy from the sun.
"Our resources can become yours."


"Energy Flow GmbH"

+359 887 26 28 27 / +359 431 6 37 00
+359 885 74 44 50 / fax: +359 431 6 44 28

eng. Stoyan Zhelev Zhelev


Design, delivery and installation of photovoltaic systems
Installation of electrical systems and equipment of industrial and residential sites
Manufacturing and execution of steel structures
Delivery of all types of electrical materials and equipment

Energetics – Industrial equipment, electrical transmission / networks and systems / conversion, power management. Design and equipment of hydroelectric power plants and photo-voltaic systems, monitoring, control and protection systems.
Electrical Equipment – equipment and automation of industrial factories (power, lighting and signal systems). Electrical equipment of household premises.
Manufacturing - production of steel lattice pole (from 20 to 110kV), customized electrical panels, steel structures.
Commerce - import and trade in electrical materials and power equipment. Import of luminaries. All types of electrical supplies, fasteners and insulation.
Distributors and Partners – Elmark, ABB control, Schneider Electric, Siemens, 3M, Jean Muller.
Own production base and mechanization.
Shop, Warehouse and Workshop in Kazanlak, Bulgaria.